Dr. Winisia Esau Makirita

Dr. Winisia Esau Makirita

Lead Scientist –Crop production and pest management Unit

Winisia is a Life science and Bioengineering scientist from Tanzania. Her award-winning doctorate research developed biopesticide formulations from entomopathogenic nematodes for the management of one of Africa’s most devastating lepidopteran pests - the invasive fall armyworm.

Before joining the ATRC, Winisia worked for several years on multiple environmental sciences, bio prospecting and agriculture projects at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST), Tanzania. She is passionate about context-specific technologies and leads the development of products for managing crop pests and increasing agricultural productivity.

“I’m driven by the needs of my people. I’m obsessed by the thought of giving them yet another livelihood saving technology”, Winisia Makirita

Winisia holds a Master of Science degree from the NM-AIST, Tanzania and PhD degree from the Hunan University of Technology, China. She has several notable achievements not limited to being ranked the 2nd best innovator nationally by the National Competition of Science, Technology and Innovation in Tanzania in 2020.

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