In order to fulfill its mission the unit rears some of the key insect pests of grain, pulses and horticultural crops. It also maintains an experimental field plot equipped with drip lines for testing the efficacy of different products.

Agronet (AgroZ Net)

ATRC Agronomy unit has been involved in the definition of the specification and testing of these nettings used in horticultural production. ATRC has also been instrumental as the AtoZ representative in the BionetAgro project. For more information about Agronet (AgroZ Net) please have a look on the link below.

AgroZ Bag and AgroZ Bag Plus

Starting in 2012 with the rearing of the main insect pests that damage maize and other cereals in East Africa, this project aimed to develop a new generation of hermetic storage bags able to control burrowing insects, in particular the Larger Grain Borer, which are known for their ability to hole hermetic bags. The motivating factor in this project was the realization that once a hermetic storage bag is holed it become useless and not reusable, therefore not cost-effective. Further information about the results and the product are available below.

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